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Invertebrate Paleontology Database

Welcome to the LACMIP Database!

Images from our Collections Database
random fossil image
Cryptonatica affinis (Gmelin, 1791)
random fossil image
Turritella chaneyi orienda Saul, 1983
random fossil image
Turbonilla (Pyrgiscus) vexativa Dall and Bartsch, 1909
random fossil image
Juliacorbula luteola (Carpenter, 1864)

This searchable database presently contains information on more than 30,000 LACMIP fossil invertebrate localities and nearly 20,000 specimens. Our type collections are included in the current database. The locality catalog is mostly complete,but we are adding non-type lots to the system every day.

A summary of stratigraphic and geographic coverage of the catalog can be found here.

The initial efforts of this cataloging are funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation and specifically directed at LACMIP's extensive holdings of Pleistocene fossils from the West Coast of North America, the largest collection of this type in the world.

The public interface with the database has two search pages, one for the LACMIP locality register and the other for the LACMIP specimen catalog. A database guide with explanations and features of the search fields is provided to help facilitate the use of the database.

World distribution of LACMIP collections

Public access to detailed LACMIP locality information is limited in order to prevent misuse of the information and to protect the sites from damage caused by over-collecting or commercial collecting. Researchers at universities, museums or other private or government institutions may contact IP staff for additional information.

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